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I LOVE this window display I took in London.  When I looked at the shot after getting back to my hotel room it felt like a poster pic.  I played around with filters in Photoshop.  Here’s the result: But I kept going to the original and I have to say I like it as is […]

Last Week


Already behind in my posts 🙂  Here’s another favorite pick from the archives: An homage to BBR, slightly goth but it just plain looked cool taking the picture as it was a freaking TALL dead tree.

I have found religion and my deity is in the form of these beauties…Ah! Look at them! Visiting my parents in Pauma Valley last week, well visiting my parents ANYWHERE they are usually armed with pounds of delicious roasted chili’s straight from green chili nirvana that is New Mexico.  The first morning there I’m greeted […]

Darling Cooper


This is my first born. My baby boy. The most precious dog in the world.  He’s 9 years old, grumpy as hell but still loves and adores everyone in the family…except for when Ellie latches onto his tail and pulls while cackling uncontrollably…video to come at some point. Anyway.  This pooch provides endless entertainment and […]