The Church of Chili


I have found religion and my deity is in the form of these beauties…Ah! Look at them!

Visiting my parents in Pauma Valley last week, well visiting my parents ANYWHERE they are usually armed with pounds of delicious roasted chili’s straight from green chili nirvana that is New Mexico.  The first morning there I’m greeted with a green chili, egg and cheese breakfast burrito with fresh pico de gallo.  I would have a picture of this but the happiness of seeing this burrito blocked pretty much anything else on my mind let alone trying to remember to take a picture.

I had the wherewithal to remember to take a picture of dinner though, which of course, consisted of chili.

Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Homemade fresh green chili enchilada sauce….I could have just eaten this with chips and have been completely satisfied….but them my mom had to go and do this….

Chicken, fried corn tortillas, green enchilada sauce and jack cheese…hello heaven!!!

So pretty much a this point I tell my mom for the next 2 dinners that i’m here, I need to have chili involved or I will be forever lost…she rolled her eyes and said “whatever dear…anything for you” (very sarcastically I might add, was I phased? No. Just determined to eat as much chili as possible in 3 days.)

The next dinner was Chicken Chili Soup.  In our family it was usually called Cauldillo but we found out (through the power of wikipedia) that Cauldillo actually means some sort political leader in Portuguese…uh.. oh well.  Caldo means soup and the soup was good and that’s all that matters.

The right level of spice and hearty soup…my soul was healed!!!

Oh and my mom threw in cheesy jalapeño bread and cornbread just to make it that more evil and tempting of a dinner. (Good thing I ran 3 1/2 miles that day…)

Ahhh…gooey, yummy, buttery and sinfully delicious.

The next night when my mom asked me what I’d like for dinner, she about cringed because she knew what was coming…’ANYTHING WITH CHILI MOM!!’ Dad smiled, mom rolled her eyes but still couldn’t resist my child like enthusiasm.

Dinner on the third night was roasted chicken with a green chili cheese ‘bake’. Mom called it healthy man’s Chili Relleno but I didn’t care…IT HAD CHILI IN IT! And cheese, of course, never hurts.

So…I don’t have a picture of the chicken and chili bake because I am late in posting this and I want to shout out to the world my love for Green CHILI!  I will update this post with the last dinner later this week…

Any green chili lover’s out there?! What’s your favorite recipe?


2 Responses to “The Church of Chili”

  1. 1 cat

    I think I made all my recipe’s, your too funny!!!! I made everything with love, my dear one. Just for you,

  2. 2 subie

    uh… dericious… that green chili enchilada sauce and the cheesy jalapeno bread/corn bread look amaaaazing.

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