The Life of Cooper

This is my first born. My baby boy. The most precious dog in the world.  He’s 9 years old, grumpy as hell but still loves and adores everyone in the family…except for when Ellie latches onto his tail and pulls while cackling uncontrollably…video to come at some point.

Anyway.  This pooch provides endless entertainment and fodder for conversations between Craig and I that I had to create a separate page for him.  Life According to Cooper.

Alot of these pictures will be back-dated to accommodate the past 9 years but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless…

Here he is basking in the sun.

Just before we went to the play structure at our old house…this is him enjoying being ‘off leash’


Seriously…how can you resist this pooch?!


2 Responses to “The Life of Cooper”

  1. 1 Janet Marlega

    You are one lucky dog and so much easier to raise than kids. And it takes so little to care for you…throw you a bone, pat your head, give you a comfy spot in the house and there’s no complaining by you. After raising numerous kids, I just gotta tell ‘ya Cooper, you are so much more low maintenance. Bet you just love it when they let you ride in the car and you can stick your head out the window. I like to ride in a car like that, feel the breeze through my hair…just remember Cooper, dodge the mailboxes when you go riding by…can ’cause a severe headache. Stay in touch Cooper and don’t forget, you have major dog responsibility. Keep your bark sharp to warn of danger and don’t be afraid to grab Ellie by the hem of her dress if she is up to no good and her master isn’t around. Oh, and try to teach Zach a few tricks. Gotta share the talent!
    Stay in touch!
    Your friend Jan

  2. 2 cat

    Awwwwww my granddog. He is pure joy and such a big boy. He loves the couch and if you are in his seat you had better move, or if you don’t move he will just move right in and cuddle. Love it.

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