Hello.  Welcome to my sanctuary.  I’m a Marketer by day and an amateur photographer whenever I get a free moment in between work, kids and general life responsibilities.  I LOVE taking photos (I guess who doesn’t in the digital age) and this blog is my contribution to the many wonderful photos out there in the blogosphere.

I hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Mike

    Hey, saw that you enjoy photography as well and thought I would drop a note… you RT one of my tweets yesterday and then I saw that you were from Intel and I wanted to share something with you but discovered I could not DM you (as we haven’t connected).

    I am the product and community manager of The Investor Network and we launched a Stockholder Forum for Intel and thought you A) Might be interested and B) Might spread the word as well.

    one link is on the intc.com website. Here is a press release for it as well.

    Nice virtually to meet you

  2. do you have a gmail email address i can use to send you a google wave invite?

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