Shin guards


Today was Zach’s first soccer practice and he LOVED it!! He’s rockin’ the shin guards and soccer shorts. I swear they made him dribble the ball better ūüėČ


Tulip Interlude


I have a ton of photos from the Tulip Festival that I have to mess around with. ¬†I want to print some to hang on the walls but can’t decide if I want bold or muted colors…I know depends, depends…These two below I played up the bold color along with some filtering to make it look more like a painting…

I like this one but I think I like it better in it’s original state. ¬†It feels like it’s trying too hard to be a painted picture. ¬†Plus it looks more like upholstery…

I like this one more…still used a filter to make it less like a photo and kept the vibrant coloring. ¬†Just can’t justify printing it yet until I can find a spot in the house that fits its personality.

A bit late with this picture since T-ball season is over but still so proud of Zach’s first season with organized sports! ¬†Thanks to Mom’s left-handed influence I can retire early when he makes the major’s and can switch hit. ¬†Keep ’em guessing Z Man!



Two things have led to this post..ok, well 3 things actually. 1. ¬†My manager and I had a discussion about wallpaper and if it’s fashionable to have in your house. 2. I just so happened to be at my Grandparent’s house prior to her asking me this question and took several pictures of awesome 70’s wallpaper!! 3. This is a dedication to my Grandmother that just passed away on June 26th, may she rest in peace and never lose her sass in the afterlife.

Wallpaper #1

Seemingly tame for kitchen wallpaper and typical 70’s color palette…until you pair it with Wallpaper #2 and then you are zipped back in time to a Brady Bunch episode.

Holy Wallpaper Batman! This covered the majority of the walls in the kitchen, where the stripes were just the accent in the walkthrough…it’s a lot comin’ atcha.

Next we move on to

The wallpaper in the guest bathroom. ¬†My Grandma had a thing for floral patterns and bold colors…she was a bold lady. That reminds me, I should have taken a picture of the bright orange shag carpet in the guest room…yep, you heard me, SHAG…ORANGE..CARPET.

On to the next wallpaper

So this is wallpaper in my Grandma’s Bathroom area where the sinks and vanity were (next wallpaper is what’s in the water closet/tub area if you will). ¬†More tame than the floral but the secret to this one is it’s texture. It’s like a linen fabric on the wall…ok on to my favorite wallpaper.

Now this wallpaper makes a statement! Who needs minty shampoo or body wash to revive the senses in the morning?! Just one step in this room and you’re good as awake after 2 cups of coffee! ¬†All colors from the 70’s represented here, Grandma was meticulous about her decorating…

Now onto Grandpa’s bathroom (yes, they had separate bathrooms…)

Ahh…what to say about this gem of a wallpaper. ¬†Well, it’s sorta manly I guess. ¬†Did it scream successful businessman to you?! Maybe back then but it’s struggling with it’s identity now. ¬†And the most surprising one of all comes from the den/office.

Wait, what’s going on?! There’s no bold color or pattern to speak of!? it’s, dare I say, conservative and normal? Shocking…I think my Grandpa finally cut her off and took away the samples, she had way too much fun decorating this house.

Oh how I will miss this house and all it’s 70’s charm and quirks. I don’t think my mom will miss the kitchen wallpaper though. ūüėČ

I LOVE this window display I took in London. ¬†When I looked at the shot after getting back to my hotel room it felt like a poster pic. ¬†I played around with filters in Photoshop. ¬†Here’s the result:

But I kept going to the original and I have to say I like it as is as well… So now that I have it in my head I need to print a ‘Poster’ size to hang in my room (yes, for so many reason’s besides the obvious) I am struggling with which version.

So? Which one get’s the honor of being hung on the wall?

Last Week


Already behind in my posts ūüôā ¬†Here’s another favorite pick from the archives:

An homage to BBR, slightly goth but it just plain looked cool taking the picture as it was a freaking TALL dead tree.

I have found religion and my deity is in the form of these beauties…Ah! Look at them!

Visiting my parents in Pauma Valley last week, well visiting my parents ANYWHERE they are usually armed with pounds of delicious roasted chili’s straight from green chili nirvana that is New Mexico. ¬†The first morning there I’m greeted with a green chili, egg and cheese breakfast burrito with fresh pico de gallo. ¬†I would have a picture of this but the happiness of seeing this burrito blocked pretty much anything else on my mind let alone trying to remember to take a picture.

I had the wherewithal to remember to take a picture of dinner though, which of course, consisted of chili.

Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Homemade fresh green chili enchilada sauce….I could have just eaten this with chips and have been completely satisfied….but them my mom had to go and do this….

Chicken, fried corn tortillas, green enchilada sauce and jack cheese…hello heaven!!!

So pretty much a this point I tell my mom for the next 2 dinners that i’m here, I need to have chili involved or I will be forever lost…she rolled her eyes and said “whatever dear…anything for you” (very sarcastically I might add, was I phased? No. Just determined to eat as much chili as possible in 3 days.)

The next dinner was Chicken Chili Soup. ¬†In our family it was usually called Cauldillo but we found out (through the power of wikipedia) that Cauldillo actually means some sort political leader in Portuguese…uh.. oh well. ¬†Caldo means soup and the soup was good and that’s all that matters.

The right level of spice and hearty soup…my soul was healed!!!

Oh and my mom threw in cheesy jalape√Īo¬†bread and cornbread just to make it that more evil and tempting of a dinner. (Good thing I ran 3 1/2 miles that day…)

Ahhh…gooey, yummy, buttery and sinfully delicious.

The next night when my mom asked me what I’d like for dinner, she about cringed because she knew what was coming…’ANYTHING WITH CHILI MOM!!’ Dad smiled, mom rolled her eyes but still couldn’t resist my child like enthusiasm.

Dinner on the third night was roasted chicken with a green chili cheese ‘bake’. Mom called it healthy man’s Chili Relleno but I didn’t care…IT HAD CHILI IN IT! And cheese, of course, never hurts.

So…I don’t have a picture of the chicken and chili bake because I am late in posting this and I want to shout out to the world my love for Green CHILI! ¬†I will update this post with the last dinner later this week…

Any green chili lover’s out there?! What’s your favorite recipe?