Darling Cooper


This is my first born. My baby boy. The most precious dog in the world.  He’s 9 years old, grumpy as hell but still loves and adores everyone in the family…except for when Ellie latches onto his tail and pulls while cackling uncontrollably…video to come at some point.

Anyway.  This pooch provides endless entertainment and fodder for conversations between Craig and I that I had to create a separate page for him.  Life According to Cooper.

Alot of these pictures will be back-dated to accommodate the past 9 years but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless…

Here he is basking in the sun.

Just before we went to the play structure at our old house…this is him enjoying being ‘off leash’


Seriously…how can you resist this pooch?!


Meet Theodore.  He’s small and younger of the two dogs my parents have but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in making his presence known.

He’s a cute little bugger but dogs and bunnies and delivery people beware….his bark will let you know who’s in charge.

How could you resist that face!



In honor of my visit next week to Southern California, I leave you with a picture of Magic Fire (parent’s balloon) during the 2008 Temecula Food and Wine festival.  Sadly won’t be going to any balloon festivals this trip.  Maybe just a golf cart ride…or two!

Anyone want to buy it?! 🙂

Given the news this weekend of the sale of the iconic luxury department store in London, I thought I’d post my picture of Harrod’s.  I had a chance to peruse some of the store.  I couldn’t afford anything in there except for trinkets for the kids and macaroons from LaDuree (oh my heaven!).

The crazy thing about this store is its food court and grocery store in the center of the department store that houses top brands like Chanel, Hugo Boss etc. and it’s mind numbing maze of store ‘sections’ I could never find the same entrance I came in at… 😛

Alas, I’m holding out hope that I will one day get to visit this store again and actually buy something cool.

The Tube


In January my beloved Grandma passed away.  She was the light of her family and all who knew her…

My most cherished memories are of this old house and one of it’s best features is the wrought iron gate with the address number on it.

2 Palms


2 Palms, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham.