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Two things have led to this post..ok, well 3 things actually. 1.  My manager and I had a discussion about wallpaper and if it’s fashionable to have in your house. 2. I just so happened to be at my Grandparent’s house prior to her asking me this question and took several pictures of awesome 70’s […]

Meet Theodore.  He’s small and younger of the two dogs my parents have but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in making his presence known. He’s a cute little bugger but dogs and bunnies and delivery people beware….his bark will let you know who’s in charge. How could you resist that face!

Given the news this weekend of the sale of the iconic luxury department store in London, I thought I’d post my picture of Harrod’s.  I had a chance to peruse some of the store.  I couldn’t afford anything in there except for trinkets for the kids and macaroons from LaDuree (oh my heaven!). The crazy […]

Black Butte Branches, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham. Fun taking pictures of random plant life. This type of branch was everywhere in Black Butte. It has great character, I took tons of pictures of them.

Purple Lollipop


Purple Lollipop, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham. Taking pictures of Mother In Law’s garden. Lots more plants and flowers waiting to be edited.

Carlton Winemakers Studio, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham.

Ellie in Sepia Tone, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham. Spent a day visiting Grandma Kay and took a ton of pics with Ellie in her pig tails. This one caught my eye because it was more abstract and it looks great in Sepia tone with a slight vignette. The angle I think is what makes it […]