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Tulip Interlude


I have a ton of photos from the Tulip Festival that I have to mess around with.  I want to print some to hang on the walls but can’t decide if I want bold or muted colors…I know depends, depends…These two below I played up the bold color along with some filtering to make it […]

2 Palms


2 Palms, originally uploaded by cyndi_brigham.



Camping at the Metolius. Highly recommended.



Here’s a picture I took of grapes at Domaine Serene Winery in Dundee, OR.  This was a great day with hubby and best friend for my birthday.  I made this more artsy to play around with it as a painting…I kinda dig it.

This is a picture I took last year at Christmas time.  The white isn’t snow surprisingly, it’s frost.  These were the good ole’ days when people would take off work a bit early and go have a drink and be social….sigh….

Garden Bench


This is another of my favorites I’ve taken.  Pretty inviting isn’t it?!