Tulip Interlude


I have a ton of photos from the Tulip Festival that I have to mess around with.  I want to print some to hang on the walls but can’t decide if I want bold or muted colors…I know depends, depends…These two below I played up the bold color along with some filtering to make it look more like a painting…

I like this one but I think I like it better in it’s original state.  It feels like it’s trying too hard to be a painted picture.  Plus it looks more like upholstery…

I like this one more…still used a filter to make it less like a photo and kept the vibrant coloring.  Just can’t justify printing it yet until I can find a spot in the house that fits its personality.


One Response to “Tulip Interlude”

  1. 1 cat

    Beautiful, you are good

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